In case you ever wonder...

Nama & Dama are two nonsense words I'm particularly fond of. I like the fact they rhyme, but they sometimes make me feel quite silly... The very first seeds for this unusual project were planted in 2019 when I finally gathered the courage to perform a few songs I had hidden in my little, dusty drawer. So, I grabbed my dear friend, Mr. mic, and my bandmate, Mrs. keyboard, and began performing at various cozy venues and musical fests. To my great surprise, I noticed that people were able to engage with what I thought was merely some eerie, musical fiction of a conventionally, odd mind. Days grew into weeks like some ambitious sprouts I've been growing the other day...  Weeks whirled into months like the playful winds in early fall. The more I wrote, the stronger my world of musical fantasies became. On a flaming, summer afternoon, I felt a mysterious vibration oozing from my wooden ceiling. I could clearly hear the vivid tune of the songbirds and the eerie wailing of the sirens through the wooden cracks, There it was, lurking above my head. An entire dimension, waiting for me to explore...and explain. I call it, The World Above the Ceiling.


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